Rock Paper Scissors, a review by Cat

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Rock Paper Scissors
Alice Feeney

Published September 7, 2021
By Flatiron Books
304 Pages

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Rock Paper Scissors happens to be the first novel I’ve ever read by Alice Feeney (I know, I know. But I have several of her books on my TBR list). This twisting thriller is one heck of a roller coaster, though, and I would recommend it to any fans of hers – plus anybody else that is curious.

I grabbed Rock Paper Scissors as my BOTM choice for September, and it was such a good decision! I liked a lot of elements about this book, including the title and cover. Though that description! Chef’s kiss!

Rock Paper Scissors is split into a few perspectives. We have Adam and Amelia’s perspectives, plus a bunch of unsent letters. It seemed like an odd combination at first, until it suddenly all started making a lot more sense.

On that note (pun intended), I initially thought that this was a lukewarm thriller, at best. However, the ending and events leading up to the conclusion entirely changed my opinion of the book. That was such a surprise! Lately, it seems like a good thriller is ruined by a bad ending, and here we have a book that was enhanced by the end! What a delightful twist!

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