Rock ‘n Rose, a review by Di

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Suzan Holder

Harper Collins/One More Chapter
September 1, 2022
315 pages

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The cover of this book totally called to me. And, then, when I found out that it involved Elvis, I was ready to go.

I realized that this would be a quirky story within the first few pages. Daisy has always felt like she was a throwback to the 1950s and dressed to reflect this. Rose, her grandmother had been a teenager during the 1950s and somehow her mind stays in the era. Lillian is the generation in between, Rose’s daughter, and Daisy’s mother. She tries to keep reality in their lives. When Rose is on her death bed she confesses that Elvis Presley could be Lillian’s father. And, so it begins.

Daisy embarks on a trip to Memphis to see if she could discover any truth to Rose’s claim. We follow Daisy on her adventure. There is a lot for her to discover in Memphis besides Graceland, even a bit of a romantic interlude. I can’t help but cheer her on, hoping she finds what she is looking for. She does get closure, and more!

This is a fun book to read. A little bit quirky (as is Daisy), a little bit of adventure, a little bit of fantasy. I love the descriptions of Memphis and Graceland. I have seen it myself, I enjoy revisiting it.

A couple of the side stories involving secondary characters did not add anything to the story. They just took up extra space.

There were a few “inserts” throughout the book referencing Elvis’s history. Some of the facts were known, others were new to me. These parts were interesting to me, and they fit well with the story.

I enjoyed the book, it was quick, entertaining and light. A sweet story.

Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for providing me with an Advance Readers Copy.

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