Reminders of Him, a review by Amy

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💧💧💧 ½
Reminders of Him
Colleen Hoover
335 pages

Should one panicked, bad choice dictate the rest of your life? Does that split second decision determine your character for your entirety?

If you need a good cry, look no further. This is an emotional journey, especially to the tender mama heart.

Kenna just got released from prison. She’s haunted by the time she lost with her daughter, and all she wants is to finally see her daughter’s face. But that fateful decision she made five years ago might prevent that from ever happening.

This is my second CoHo, and it is vastly different from my first, Verity. While I found the storyline lacking in depth, it did connect strongly to my emotions. Just as I wanted to roll my eyes at the oceans of tears that Kenna (continually!) cried, I found a lump in my own throat.

I read this one quickly, starting it one night and finishing it the next morning. The short chapters held my attention and allowed me to ponder thoughts on growth and forgiveness. While this story felt a bit too predictable and perfect for me as a whole, I see it being another big CoHo hit.

Thank you Colleen Hoover, Montlake, and NetGalley for the opportunity to read and review an advanced copy of this book.

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