Release day blitz, Queen of Sacrifice

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I am so excited that QUEEN OF SACRIFICE by Susan Person is available now and that I get to share the news!

If you haven’t yet heard about this wonderful book,
be sure to check out all the details below.

This blitz also includes a giveaway for a finished copy
of the book courtesy of Susan, &
Book Tours
. So if you’d like a chance to win, check out the giveaway info

Also all of Susan’s sales from today
will be donated to bstrong who are
providing emergency assistance to the people of Ukraine so buy the book and
help get refugees out and aid into Ukraine #refugeesoutaidin!


About the

SACRIFICE: A Vampire and Witch Romance (The Blood Moon Prophecy Book 1)

Author: Susan Person

Pub. Date: March 4, 2022

Publisher: Person Publishing

Formats: Paperback, eBook

Pages: 295

Find it: GoodreadsAmazon, B&N, iBooks, Kobo


Sacrifice was something she was used to. But
will surrendering to her coven’s demands mean giving up on love?

Brie Danforth had lost much in her youth. As a vampire-hunting witch, her
destiny was to be the best of her kind. Love wasn’t part of the plan and
definitely not with a high-ranking vampire.
And when Nick shows up during one of her hunts, she can’t bring herself to end
the handsome blood-sucker.

But when a surge of power knocks her unconscious, Nick is there to catch her
instead of draining her. When fate puts the beautiful witch he helped escape
from his brother’s torture years before in his arms, Nick refuses to let her
disappear from his undead existence a second time… even if it means betraying
his vampire life.

Will they have to forfeit their love to survive The Blood Moon Prophecy?

Queen of Sacrifice is the first book in The Blood Moon Prophecy
paranormal romance series by Susan Person. If you like vampire and witch
romance, magic, and a head strong heroine leading the journey, this book is for

Pick up Queen of Sacrifice to start this magical series by
Susan Person today.




Droplets of mist glistened on his thick,
black hair. He ran his hand through without acknowledging them. I wondered what
it would be like to slide my fingers into the dark mass and shook my head to
clear the thought. Come on, Brie. You know better than to fall for
vampire tricks.

“You drink blood.” I lifted my chin in

“I do,” he said. “But I give you my word
I will not drink yours tonight.” The words flowed from his mouth, and I
comprehended his honesty in the way he didn’t deny what he was. Other vampires
would lie to gain trust. “I want to talk. That’s all.”

The flicker of humanity in him tugged at
me. I swallowed hard, taking a step back.

“I’m supposed to believe a vampire?”

“Yes.” He took a small step towards me,
taking time to raise his hand to my face. Danger stood hot handed in front of
me, but I stood paralyzed, not from fear but mesmerized by him. He leaned in,
bringing our lips close together. The sweet vanilla aroma of a rich whisky on
his breath enveloped me. Déjà vu left me dizzy again. My eyelids fluttered in
anticipation of a kiss I desired, but he hesitated. His thumb brushed back and
forth across my cheek in a slow rhythm, causing my breath to occur in a broken
cadence. He licked his lips. Energy coursed between us unlike any of my
previous experiences with a human, warlock, or vampire.

The vibration in my boot interrupted the
moment. I sighed at the unwelcome disruption and debated answering the call.
After a long moment, I reached for the phone. In one blink, a breeze brushed my
cheek and tousled my hair. I knew before I looked his unnatural speed carried
him away from me, leaving the faint malty scent of whiskey hanging around me
like a cologne. The distance gave me clarity, and my focus returned. Except
I wanted him here.


Susan Person:

Susan Person
is a multi-contest finalist in the paranormal and dark paranormal romance
categories. A former member of Romance Writers of America, she served on the
PRO Steering Committee for several years. Recently, she returned to college to
pursue a degree in anthropology and graduated in May 2021. Susan enjoys meeting
writers and readers alike at conferences. Her grandmother’s love of Harlequin
novels was passed on to her, and she was fascinated by paranormal worlds and
mythology. The combination of the two led her to the paranormal romance genre.
She knew at an early age she wanted to write powerful heroines and fulfills
that dream today by writing empowered heroines who take charge in their paranormal

Susan grew up
on a thoroughbred horse farm before moving to the big city of Dallas. She
considers herself a Texan but is loyal to her home state of Arkansas. A lover
of travel, she has visited several countries with many more to go on her list.
She particularly loved dowsing at Stonehenge and seeing the Eiffel Tower light
up at night. The outdoors are a place Susan finds inspiration and can often be
found in a park, at the lake, or on a road trip. She especially loves the
mountains. Furry animals hold a special place in her heart. Dogs tend to seek
her out as a friend, and she gladly returns their friendship.

Website | Twitter | Instagram | Facebook | TikTok | Amazon | Goodreads | BookBub

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