Redemption Grove, a review by Tanya

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Redemption Grove
David Rawding

289 pages
Published June 2018 by Red Adept Publishing, LLC

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Tragedy strikes two families leaving two men unable to cope with life.

A boy loses both parents at too young of an age, leaving only his sister to care for him. The pain is overwhelming and he leaves home and turns to pills to numb the pain. Living life on the street isn’t easy and when his sister tries for the last time to help him get clean and get back to living, Chris has to decide if he can face life sober or if he will choose the pills over his family.
A middle-aged man loses everything he loves in a tragic accident. He leaves his friends and his medical position behind to go live on his remote piece of land, deep in the woods. Focusing on building a cabin, Max spends his days isolated from everyone and everything.

Set in the backdrop of the beautiful state of Alaska, Max and Chris’s lives will merge together. Will they continue down their destructive paths? Or will they save each other as they save themselves?

I really enjoyed following the journey of Chris and Max as their paths crossed and merged. It was ultimately a story of non-romantic friendship and love, which tugged on my heartstrings. Not overly dramatic nor overly emotional, just straightforward storytelling. Seeing two characters so lost, helping each other to find peace and the will to live was immensely satisfying.

The natural wilderness setting was such a great addition to the story. I loved reading about all the activities that took place (fishing, rafting, etc). Nature can have such a positive impact on a person’s mind, body and spirit and I loved how that was folded into this story. Really great read!

Thank you to the author for this gifted copy. My opinions expressed are my honest views.


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