Red Wolf, a review by Cat

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Red Wolf
Rachel Vincent

Published July 27, 2021
By HarperTeen
368 Pages

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Are you a fan of retellings? What about Little Red Riding Hood? Have you been looking for a fantasy version that really lets our leading lady take charge? If so, then the odds are good that you’re going to enjoy Rachel Vincent’s take on the tale, Red Wolf.

Adele has spent her entire life in one small village. She’s never left, as the foreboding woods keep most of the villagers trapped within. For monsters are lurking out in those woods, and each year they seem to grow in number.

However, one night in Adele’s sixteenth year, her life was permanently changed. She learned something about herself and her family. Something that will change the way she looks at the woods and her entire village.

Red Wolf is a thrilling take on the classic tale of Little Red Riding Hood. What I loved the most about this tale, other than the heavy infusion of fantasy elements (more on that in a second), is how much agency Adele’s character is given here.

It’s refreshing! The magical elements (which I won’t detail because it’s a spoiler) create a fun twist in the plot, keeping me fully invested in the story. Between those elements, and the fact that Vincent was unafraid to sow room for conversation and discourse along the way, Red Wolf ended up being a surprisingly rich and intense read. One that I would recommend for all fans of fairy tale retellings.

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