Reckless Girls, a review by Sherry

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Reckless Girls
Rachel Hawkins

10 hours and 30 minutes
Macmillan Audio
Published January 4, 2022

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While I loved The Wife Upstairs right from the start, this one took me a little while to get gripped.  Now I am not a huge fan of the open sea, but who wouldn’t want an island vacation and getting paid to be there is a bonus.

Not quite, but kinda like a locked room mystery since we have a cast of characters on an isolated island when dead bodies start turning up.  The island adds to the creepiness of the story and was a plus for me.

I think the book does a great job of being young and being able to fall so easily into new friendships and trust others.  But what all of the characters fail to factor in is that they all have a secret so they might have wondered who else might also have secret(s).

Now I am not often fooled by the ending, but in a way this one did.  Of course, I did somewhat get a crazy vibe partway through the book and wondered about the twist.  Is the book totally believable in its entirety?  I say not, but then again, a book about my reality would be boring.  

I might have been a little more disappointed with the lag of the pace in the middle of the book if not for liking the narration of Barrie Kreinik.  She kept me interested until the pace picked back up.

While this won’t make my favorite books of the year, I definitely enjoyed it and think it is an entertaining quick listen.

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