Reckless Girls, a review by Cat

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Reckless Girls
Rachel Hawkins

Published January 4, 2022
By St. Martin’s Press
320 Pages

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Reckless Girls was one of my most recent BOTM picks (January), and boy do I not regret this one! I already anticipated enjoying the read, since I’m a fan of Rachel Hawkins. Okay, okay – I also loved the cover. We know I’m a sucker for a good cover.

On the surface, it looks like Lux and Nico have the perfect relationship, all while living the life they have always wanted. They live in Hawaii, and they have just been hired to sail two women to a remote island. But we all know appearances can be deceiving.

Reckless Girls is a fast-paced thriller that one can comfortably tuck in and read all in one sitting if they were feeling so inclined. It isn’t my favorite Rachel Hawkins novel out there, but it is still a solid read.

There’s so much drama, tension, and horror mixed into these pages. I would argue that this is an island I would prefer to never visit, thank you very much. Especially not after the events of this book. All things considered, I enjoyed reading Reckless Girls and would happily recommend this read to any fans of Rachel Hawkins.

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