Recipe for a Good Life, a review by Di

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Lesley Crewe

Vagrant Press
July 5, 2023
408 pages

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Reading a book by Lesley Crewe is like having a cup of tea with a close friend! Her books are such comfort books, I feel like I’m drawn into a rabbit hole with the characters.

This time we have 2 settings, Montreal and Cape Breton. I always enjoy a book more when I am familiar with the settings. I can draw a picture in my mind.

Kitty is a writer in Montreal who is experiencing a writer’s block. Her publisher sends her to a remote town in Cape Breton as a retreat. There she discovers a new way of life, much more basic and laid back. She discovers what it is to be neighbourly. And, she finds a new self. She meets all sorts unique (read: eccentric) neighbours. My favourite was Ethel, the local slightly deaf eavesdropper and story spreader.

Ms Crewe’s writing style is very simple. It’s as if she is chatting with the reader. This makes her stories so enjoyable. I’m sad that this book is over.

This book was humerous, touching and heartwarming.

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