Queen of Thieves, a review by Cat

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Queen of Thieves
Beezy Marsh

Published January 3, 2023
By William Morrow & Company
252 Pages

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Okay, historical fiction fans, I’ve got a book for you! Queen of Thieves is set in London in 1946 – shortly after the Blitz ended. Enter the Queen of Thieves – she runs her gang very carefully and knows the new complications that will come with a war ending. Sound like the book to you?

In truth, I had hoped this would be the book for me! I’ve been trying to branch out from my comfort zone more often lately, especially in the historical fiction department. However, I did struggle to stay connected to this one.

Part of it certainly was the characters, plus their personal story. I just couldn’t connect with them. Gotta hate it when that happens! Still, I must admit that Queen of Thieves is very well written, and I can see fans of the genre loving this one.

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