Pretty Little Wife, a review by Cat

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Pretty Little Wife
Darby Kane
Published December 29th, 2020
By William Morrow Paperbacks
416 Pages

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One of the things I love about BOTM is that it brings new authors to my attention. New authors like Darby Kane. Pretty Little Wife is Kane’s debut novel, and it is a domestic suspense novel of epic proportions.


Lila Ridgefield lives a perfect life, by all appearances. But appearances can be deceiving, as we all know. Her life is far from perfect, a fact that is becoming abundantly clear now that her husband has gone missing.


Pretty Little Wife was a thrilling (no pun intended) and fast-paced read. It seemed like every chapter had something major going on, be it another intense revelation or something deeply disturbing. It didn’t feel like a book that was over four hundred pages, especially not as I blitzed through them, eager to see what happened next.


This is a novel that handled a lot of tense and difficult subjects, so it isn’t going to be for every reader. Still, I enjoyed the theme and especially the ethical questions and debates it raised over the course of its telling. If there is one thing I know, after having finished this read, it’s that Darby Kane is going to be a new author worth keeping an eye on.


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  1. bloglifewitherica

    I really love fast-paced reads. I am adding this to my list. Even more than fast-paced reads I really enjoy books that depict a perfect story, until the ends unravel. So juicy!

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