Picking Up the Pieces, a review by Shelley

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🪣🪣🪣🪣 1/2
Amanda Prowse

Amazon Publishing UK
Expected Publication January 10th, 2023
348 pages
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Amanda Prowse is the UK Queen of women’s heartfelt fiction. This is my sixth book by the author and every single one of them has been a four or five-star read and Picking Up the Pieces is no different.

In this tale, Nora goes to help look after her nephew while her sister is recovering in the hospital. Nora is not close to her sister and she barely knows her young nephew, Ted, at all. At the same time, she has taken all this on her marriage is in crisis. We also get a look at Nora’s childhood and how she lost her distant parents at such a young age. I know it seems like a lot is going on but it all makes sense and weaves together beautifully in the end.

I liked how the book touched on the mental health aspect, it was portrayed in such a realistic manner and with such sensitivity. I also felt I learned something from it, never be ashamed of needing or asking for help. It can be such a touchy subject matter but the author writes about it in an educational and sensitive manner.

With her life falling apart at the seams, can Nora handle what life’s thrown at her? You’ll have to read the book to find out! This was such a heartwarming and uplifting read and I enjoyed every page of it, Ms. Prowse is such a magnificent teller of tales. I hugged this when I was done.

Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for the Advance Readers Copy.

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