One True Loves, a review by Di

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Taylor Jenkins Reid

Washington Square Press
June 7, 2016
352 pages

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Years ago, there was a movie, Move Over Darling, with Doris Day and James Garner. The man’s wife goes missing in a plane crash. 5 years later she is officially declared dead and he is about to remarry. But, she returns. This book uses the same premise but this time it’s the man who is missing after a helicopter crash.

This scenario creates havoc in the widow/wife’s life. We follow Emma’s dilemma as she tries to decide who she wants to be with. In the beginning, the story seemed a little fluffy for me. It took the characters back to high school and I almost thought it was going to be a young adult novel. But, that was just setting the stage.

I must admit, this book stressed me out. I kept imagining myself in the position. No matter which choice is made, someone gets hurt. I cannot fathom having to make this choice.

Emma makes the right choice for herself. And it is well thought out. In the end, I completely agree with her choice. The author gives the reader an excellent description of the thought process Emma goes through. It is very thorough and rational.

The story is about loss, acceptance, choices and moving forward.

I have read TJR’s more recent books (Evelyn Hugo, Daisy Jones etc) and a couple of her older books. It is great to see how her writing has evolved and matured. Always a good story but the delivery has become more sophisticated.


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