One Step Behind, a review by Jenn

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Lauren North

368 pages
Published September 1, 2020 by Berkley
Available on Amazon

Jenna is a wife, a mother, a doctor. She’s also the victim of a stalker.

This book started off with a bang, I was instantly captivated and wanted to find out more about Jenna and her stalker. I was along for the ride with her while she explored who this could be and why they would want to torture her everyday.

While Jenna is battling to save her marriage and protect her children from this stalker, she is detailing everything the stalker does (including dropping off dolls with melted faces at her doorstep?!) reporting it to the police and trying to get this nightmare to end.

Then while working one day at the emergency room, her stalker is rushed in and needs immediate care or they will die. This leaves Jenna with only moments to decide if she should save her stalkers life or finally be free of them. Her decision leavers her unhinged and we get to see her actions play out. While she starts to loose the support of those around her she feel she’s getting closer to solving the mystery at hand.

Jenna is reeling from this situation and makes some questionable decisions and not only is her life in jeopardy but so is her family. Often the tension is so intense is could be cut with a knife and as readers we are taken through quite a few twists and turns, wondering where exactly this story is going and most importantly, who is responsible?

I must say, some of the characters come off as quite unlikeable but I enjoyed the story and I liked the strong pulls towards family, loyalty and the decisions of what is right and wrong. This is a second novel for Lauren North and I look forward to reading more from her.

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