One Perfect Couple, a review by Sherry

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One Perfect Couple
Ruth Ware

376 pages
Simon Schuster UK
published May 21, 2024 (US)/ July 18, 2024 (UK)

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Genre: Thrillers, Suspense, Women, Thrillers Psychological

Ruth Ware can be hit or miss for me, but this one is definitely a hit and is my new favorite of her books. They are always slow burns and that means I need to connect with something. This time it was Lyla, the POV character. She’s a scientist, or a doctor, if you believe the PR docs. She’s relatable and likable as the “F”able girl next door.

While Amazing Race is my favorite reality show, I have seen a few of the others, so the premise was intriguing. Five couples. A remote island. Multiple competitions. One winner. When a storm hits, things go awry and the premise gets more interesting. The plot starts before everyone leaves for the island, but there are radio calls and diary entries from further in the story, interspersed, to give hints as to what is to come. I liked that they didn’t always make sense and I was always trying to figure them out.

It gave me a little bit of feels for And Then There Were None, one of my all time favorite books, of course Survivor and Love Island. And a little bit of Lord of the Flies.

It was such an easy read and I flew through the pages. I needed to know what happened. I had so many thoughts on where this one was headed, from the obvious to the wacky, and I was wrong on all accounts.

This is definitely a book everyone will be talking about this summer. The perfect beach read unless you are going to a remote island.






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