One Last Stop- a Review by Allison

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One Last Stop

By Casey McQuiston

St. Martin’s Griffin (June 1, 2021)

426 pages

Rom Com

OK I will start this review with full disclosure: I am not a fan of same-sex romance books. Personally, not my thing.  But this book grabbed me. It is the book that has maybe opened my heart to other LBGTQ stories. It was so incredibly well written and such a sweet, sweet love story, that I was rooting for Jane and August from the very beginning.

August is a somewhat cynical twenty-something living in New York and trying to get by.  She has a bit of a complicated relationship with her mother, which is one of the reasons she is on her own in the city.  One day, she meets a girl named Jane on the subway, and her world is pretty much turned upside down. You know when you just CONNECT with someone? Yeah, it was like that.

Alas, there is always a twist when it comes to love, isn’t there? Soon August realizes that Jane is pretty much basically trapped in time on the subway. Yep, trapped. Can’t leave.  Is there, day after day, all day (and night) long.

I KNOW!  It sounds crazy, but it’s REALLY good.  (Have I ever steered you wrong?).

The book then follows August and Jane’s quest to figure out what happened and how to get Jane either back in her time- the 70’s (!)- or in this time, with August. All the while, there is a secondary storyline being told. Years earlier, August’s uncle disappeared. Does the uncle’s disappearance have some connection to Jane? Hmmm…..better read the book.

The author does a great job of dropping in little nuggets of pop culture from the 70’s to present day, allowing us to make friends with some HILARIOUS characters in the apartment block (seriously, I want to be friends with Myla. She is L-O-L  funny) and  making us fall in love with these two girls who are destined to be together. Their love story is not thrown together haphazardly; it evolves naturally from a friendship to flirting to more flirting and then to some pretty intense subway sex. (Just saying….I mean, be prepared).

Are there cheesy moments? Sure. Does everything work out in the end?  (Do you really think I would tell you?- Read the book).

A fun, easy read about love, finding yourself, helping others and taking chances. A story that will stay with me for a long time!







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