One Last Kill, a review by Joanna

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One Last Kill

Robert Dugoni

351 pages

Published Oct 3, 2023

Thomas & Mercer


This is the tenth book in the consistently compelling Tracy Crosswhite series, about a Seattle homicide detective who now works cold cases. While technically this could be read as a stand-alone, everything will make a lot more sense if you have read the earlier books, particularly the novella “The Last Line” and the preceding book, “What She Found.” While not my favourite from the series, this was another excellent read, in particular for the way Tracy’s relationship with her nemesis Johnny Nolasco is handled.

Tracy is handed a poisoned chalice when the Chief of Police announces to the media that she is to reopen the investigation into the Route 99 serial killer, who murdered thirteen women 25 years earlier, then inexplicably stopped. Her Captain, Nolasco, led the task force back in the day, and his career never recovered from his failure to catch the killer. Now he appears to be back, and Tracy must work with Nolasco in spite of their mutual animosity, but with corruption tainting the system, can they find the truth before he strikes again?
One of the reasons I love this series is Tracy is so refreshingly grounded, but not too perfect. Throughout the series, Nolasco has been the obnoxious thorn in her side, so the way Dugoni gradually reveals another side to him was very clever. The mystery was OK – I guessed the killer’s identity too early, but was wrong about what I expected to happen, and a bit disappointed by the ending. I’m glad to hear that the series will continue, although hope that he’ll give up on the serial killer plot lines now – that’s enough for one detective’s career!
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