One By One, a review by Tanya

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One By One
Ruth Ware
Narrator: Imogen Church

Audiobook: 12 hours
Published Sept 7, 2020 by Simon and Schuster Audio

A classic whodunit story told in an intriguing new setting.  The French Alps is the backdrop of this lovely mystery and you can almost feel winter coming as the story unfolds in this cold and beautiful mountainside Chalet.

There are likable characters as well as unlikable.  Those that you feel pity for and those that have almost no redeemable qualities.  A wide variety to suit your every need. As the story moves along, the characters reduce in number, One By One. Unexpected secrets add additional intrigue to the plot and help you piece the puzzle together as information is uncovered.

This is my 3rdWare book and I now consider myself a fan!  Her stories zip right along, not getting bogged down in too much detail or overly developed characters.  There are always some side stories or past experiences added to Ware’s tales but they never detract from the main storyline nor cause you to lose interest in the story itself.

Ruth Ware has been tagged as the new Agatha Christie.  I’m embarrassed to say that I’ve never read a Christie novel.  (yes, I’m hanging my head in shame) I must remedy that immediately! 

One By One is a solid mystery with great action and a suspenseful, hold your breath, last few chapters.  Very satisfying!


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