On Fire, a Review by Liberty

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On Fire

Steph West

Published February 7, 2023

197 Pages


Genre: Memoir

Whether fiction or memoir, I always enjoy a narrative with emotional depth – one that really drops you into a person or character’s experiences. This memoir is a very raw & realistic portrayal of many important topics and issues of interest such as motherhood, mental health, building a career, and the sacrifices a mother must make to provide a better life for their child.

West’s writing style is emotionally evocative yet approachable and authentic. She chronicles her experiences openly and honestly, painting a vivid picture of those experiences and the lessons learned.

I enjoy reading memoirs of experiences different from my own. I related with a lot of what the author was going through, but there was also a bit outside of my scope, such as the motherhood elements. It was interesting to hear about West’s experiences and what it was like during those since I don’t have experience as a mother.

If you are a reader who is sensitive to triggers, please check the trigger warnings as this book gets into some very heavy, serious, and realistic topics in a very immersive way. If you enjoy books that discuss and portray realistic struggles and issues, you will likely enjoy West’s book and her writing style.

My favorite part was the letter to her daughter at the end. It really helped to summarize the core themes of the memoir in a way that was emotionally resonant to the reader.

Also wanted to note that I really enjoy the cover! It’s so pretty!

Thank you so much to the author for providing an e-book review copy to the Book Review Crew for our honest review. All opinions are my own.


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