Omen of Ice, a review by Cat

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Omen of Ice
Jus Accardo

Published August 1, 2023
By Entangled: Teen
400 Pages

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Okay, you know how sometimes a book breaks your heart, but not for the right reasons? That just happened to me with Omen of Ice. This book had so much potential, but I found it quite the letdown (forgive me for saying so).

I have no regret in admitting my immense (truly immense) anticipation for Omen of Ice. To begin with, every rendition of the cover I’ve encountered has been absolutely breathtaking. Additionally, I hold a deep affection for books centered around fae, particularly when they hint at a romantic subplot.

To be frank, I found this one quite challenging to navigate. I came close to abandoning it, but I persisted and pushed through to the end more out of principle than anything else (I understand – life is short, and there are millions of books worth reading). On the bright side, the cover is aesthetically pleasing, at least?

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