Of Darkness and Ruination, an early Review by Kristie

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Of Darkness and Ruination

Rachel Fallon

926 pages, releasing April 4, 2024



This one deserves a review for each part I think. Holy wow. There’s probably spoilers here so read at your own risk, and if you want to avoid them go grab your copy on KU, or pre-order for it’s April 4th release!

In part 1, Asteria goes to Placement Day just hoping to be somewhere she won’t be abused and degraded as a human slave. Unfortunately, the changes of that are pretty slim with the way the kingdoms work. Saying goodbye to Soren is exactly why she didn’t form attachments – it would only make the inevitable harder – saying goodbye forever.

Of course, she and Soren were not placed in the same court. Asteria was claimed by the Dusk court, by Prince Cyrus himself. She is given rooms to herself and treated much better than any other slave….except Cyrus is determined to make her completely his, body and soul. She’ll never let that happen, though. He’s a monster…

When she encounters a beautiful, mysterious silver haired, purple eyes fae warrior not once, but twice, she realizes that maybe the Night Kingdom aren’t as bad of monsters as everyone says they are. But who can she trust? Literally no one but herself. Cyrus doesn’t seem all that bad…especially with Visita…but when she continues to refuse to go to his bed, Cyrus’ temper begins to show, and she’s not sure how long she can last.

Once again she comes face with a flash of silver and purple, saved from the unwanted advances of Cyrus and whisked away to Night, only to realize that her savior is none other than monstrous King Calix himself…but is he really a monster?

In part 2, Asteria learns that everything she’s learned about Night is a bold faced lie. They’ve been trying to save humans by invading the other kingdoms, kidnapping human slaves in the chaos of attacks. Asteria has begun to make friends here, and is learning what to do and how to feel about her freedom.

She and Calix can’t seem to stay apart, however, much to her confusion. Asteria is hurt each time Calix finally gives in and then regrettably backs off – what she doesn’t understand is that he’s decided to save himself for his soulmate he moment his soulmark appeared. But the connection between Calix and Asteria is undeniable, even to those around them.

After finally finding a way to be together in mind, body, and soul, they’re settled into an amicable understanding and have gone back into a fiesty rapport between close friends. They’re both still struggling to understand the pull between them, though, when Asteria is captured during one of their attacks to rescue more humans. The traitor is a heartbreaking revelation to Asteria and she is furious for opening herself up to anyone – especially Calix, since she will never be able to have him…

Yet he comes to her rescue anyway, after Soren’s failed attempt at a rescue from…the Day Queen? Calix finds himself battling Cyrus and his illegal dark magic to save the human he can’t stop thinking about, only for everything about their connection to become startingly clear, as Cyrus decides that if he can’t have her, no one can…

This was a huge undertaking of world building and character development, and it was so well done. I absolutely loved being in Asteria’s world, and could not resist the draw of Calix any more than she could! Hello, new Shadow Daddy! Lol this was wonderful and all encompassing, and I cannot wait to get my hands on book 2!!!!


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