Odd Numbers, a review by Tanya

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Odd Numbers
J.J. Marsh

6 hours
Publishes Nov 4, 2021 by Saga Egmont

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About the Book:

The Guilty Party meets The Secret History

Can you forgive a friend?

Strange things bring people together. Like a tragic death.

Over two decades, five friends reunite every other New Year. They celebrate, grieve and heal. Memories grow dusty and the nightmare starts to fade.

On the 20th anniversary, in a remote snowy chalet, old doubts surface.
Wounds reopen and morality comes into question.

Is friendship a safety net or a tie that hobbles to the past?

They thought they knew each other’s secrets.
Did they miss the biggest one of all?

When history is rewritten, they must act to preserve the future.
A fatal decision means this reunion will be their last.

A psychological drama with beautifully portrayed characters and an intricately woven plot. The suspense emerges between the lines, grabs you softly but never lets go.

My Review: 

I haven’t read The Guilty Party yet (it’s on my list) but I love the concept of both of these books.

A group of friends, a missing/dead person, a mystery to solve.  So fun!

I loved the overall story of Odd Numbers.  The way the true nature of the character’s unfold throughout the story and the deceptions between the friends that come to light were interesting.  The ending was shocking – so good.

The drawbacks to this story, for me, were the different timelines.  Dual timelines are really popular right now however, sometimes the story can become unnecessarily complicated. This was a short book and the back and forth between timelines didn’t seem necessary to me.

Additionally there were so many characters introduced at once that it was hard for me to keep them separated throughout the story.  Due to the shortness of the book, the characters didn’t really develop throughout so they all felt very surface level to me.

Overall, the story was ok and if you like group whodunnit’s then pick this one up, just don’t expect an amazing storyline.

Thank you to #SagaEgmontAudio and #NetGalley for making this book available for review. All opinions expressed are my own.

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