October’s OwlCrate, a reveal and review by Cat

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OwlCrate – A Box of Bookish Goodies

OwlCrate is one of many book boxes currently available for all the bibliophiles of the world. OwlCrate’s focus is on Young Adult (with a strong leaning towards fantasy), and each monthly box includes a new young adult book and several bookish goodies. Included in the goodies will always be an exclusive pin.

Best of all (for those collectors out there), each month has a special theme for the entire box.

October’s theme for OwlCrate was Wield Your Blade.

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*In case it wasn’t obvious, don’t look too closely at the rest of this post if you’re hoping to avoid spoilers!

Due to the delay with September’s box, it really does feel like I had only just found homes for all of my OC items before this box arrived. Not that I’m complaining! I’d sign up for all the book boxes and their goodies, if I could.

Book – Let’s start with the book for October, shall we? This month’s book was Jade Fire Gold, and I am SO excited to read it. I haven’t started it yet, but my review will be out by the end of the month – so stay tuned. Jade Fire Gold is a YA and LGBT+ Fantasy set in a world about to be torn apart by war. As per usual, the OC version is signed and comes with a lovely pin. It also has green sprayed edges that are to die for – seriously, they’re amazing. As if I wasn’t already obsessed with sprayed edges. On top of that, it has a foil stamp and a reversible dust jacket.

Puzzle – Fans of the Raven Cycle and Call Down the Hawk will surely be pleased with the puzzle in this month’s box! I feel like including a puzzle in the fall is a yearly tradition. Is that intentional, or a coincidence? I have not read either book, so I can’t really comment on the accuracy of the artwork, though I’m sure I’ll still assemble the puzzle for the fun of it.

Candle – Next up we have a candle! What book lover doesn’t love candles? It’s certainly been a growing aesthetic as of late. Created by Flick the Wick, the candle is inspired by Shadow of the Fox, which I adore.

Sewing Kit – I absolutely adore it when OwlCrate includes a useful item or two, and this item certainly fits that bill! It’s an adorable little sewing kit, with a case inspired by Spin the Dawn. That’s yet another book that I haven’t read, though it is on the list. Even without having read it, I can still appreciate this item for what it is.

LOTR Display Piece – Next up we have an acrylic display piece, one that has one of my favorite quotes on it! This quote comes from Bilbo’s poem, and it is very pretty. I do kind of wish that it came with a small light or something to help highlight it – but I’m certain that I can figure something out for it. Even with that wish, I have to admit that I still adore this piece.

Print – Last, but not least, October’s box includes a print from a very famous Star Wars ship. If you’ve been paying attention to the recent movies, then you probably already know which ship it includes! I know that Reylo artwork is all over the place, but since this is my first piece, I have no complaints.

November’s Hints & Theories:

November’s theme is: Dreaming in the Dark. This is actually a pretty awesome theme, if I may say so. I’m really looking forward to the box and all of the goodies inside! Here’s what I know about the box:

  1. November’s box is going to have a wholly different cover from the standard version. The redesign was done by Chatty Nora, and it also has a reversible jacket. Oh! And a foil design on the hardcover case. Yes, please!
  2. The book is an anticipated fantasy release, one that includes magicians and curses.
  3. Since it’s the November box, we know that there will be a book planner inside! It’s a bit of a tradition. OwlCrate has confirmed that this November will be no different, so get ready for that!
  4. Each box will have an item designed by Book Babe Designs, though they have not clarified what that item will be (gotta love surprises).
  5. Other items will be inspired by Strange the Dreamer, A Court of Thorns and Roses, and The Bone Season.
  6. Finally! The fourth and final book tin inspired by ADSOM will be included in the November box. I can’t wait.

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