October Picks for BOTM

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October Picks for BOTM

Every month BOTM makes five choices available to subscribers, plus a plethora of add-ons to choose from. Here are Cat’s choices for the month!

October’s BOTM choices are:

  • Everything We Didn’t Say (Thriller)
  • The Lincoln Highway (Historical Fiction)
  • The Ex Hex (Romance)
  • Harlem Shuffle (Literary Fiction)
  • The Perishing (Speculative Fiction)

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Cat’s Picks:

Everything We Didn’t Say – My first pick for this month was Everything We Didn’t Say. By this point, I think we all know I’m going to grab almost any thriller that shows up, right? So this is no surprise here.

Everything We Didn’t Say comes from the same author that wrote Little Broken Things, and it promises to be another family drama. It follows a mother who has to confront a summer in her life that changed everything.

The Ex Hex – Next up we have The Ex Hex, written by Erin Sterling (Rachel Hawkin’s pen name). I feel like this pick is perfect for October, aka the month of Halloween. Don’t you? Plus, I’m a sucker for punny names. So sue me.

Almost a decade ago Vivienne Jones had her heart broken. She handled it the way any normal witch would – lots of drinking, a bubble bath, and taking the time to place a curse on her ex. Naturally, that impulsive decision is about to come back and bite her in the butt.

The Book of Magic – My last pick for this month is The Book of Magic, by Alice Hoffman. It’s the final novel in her Practical Magic series, and it feels like I’ve been waiting my whole life for it. Well, not really. But you readers know what I mean!

The Owens family has been cursed for generations. Any man who falls in love with an Owens witch will pay the price – with their life. Only now there is some hope for a cure, but it’s going to take three generations of witches working together to do it – and to avoid an even more terrible fate.

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