November Picks for BOTM (Book of the Month) Cat and Allyson

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November Picks for BOTM

Every month BOTM makes five choices available to subscribers, plus a plethora of add-ons to choose from. Here are the picks made by reviewers Cat and Allyson.

November’s BOTM choices are:
-Pretty Little Wife (Thriller)
-This Time Next Year (Romance)
-These Violent Delights (Young Adult)

-The Star-Crossed Sisters of Tuscany (Contemporary Fiction)

-Memorial (Literary Fiction)

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Cat’s Picks:

These Violent Delights – These Violent Delights is a novel I’ve been hearing about for months now, so when I saw it available as an option for BOTM, I clicked that button so fast! It’s a young adult retelling of Romeo and Juliet, and it looks absolutely wonderful (and that cover!).
Check back on Nov. 21st for a Buddy Read/Review.

Pretty Little Wife – Pretty Little Wife is the new thriller option for this month, which essentially made it a must grab for me. It’s another twisted domestic suspense novel, which sometimes I just can’t get enough of (Pretty Little Wife gets bonus points in my book, since this can also be a book that I can lend to my mother, who adores thrillers). Click here to check out Cat’s review.

Goodnight Beautiful – Goodnight Beautiful is actually not one of this month’s five choices, however, it is a newly introduced add-on for BOTM. It’s yet another thriller, but between the description and the cover, I was sold! It’s a warped psychological thriller with several promised twists! Who can say no to that? Click here to check out Cat’s review.


Allyson’s Picks:

These Violent Delights – When I was looking through all the options for this month’s pick, I immediately gravitated toward this one. The cover was just so beautiful. I read the excerpt provided and was intrigued from the start, I just had to pick it! Bonus points for it being a young adult novel, as that is my favorite genre to read. Check back on Nov. 20th for a Buddy Read/Review.

This Time Next Year – I had read a ton of thrillers in October and got a little burnt out. So when choosing my BOTM books I wanted to get something different. This romance was listed as a quirky, light read with holiday themes. I am in full-blown Christmas mode over here so I just had to give this book a try. Check back on Dec. 1st for Allyson’s review!

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