Not a Happy Family, a review by Sherry

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Not a Happy Family
Shari Lapena

349 pages
Pamela Dorman Books
Published July 27, 2021

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Again, I made it all the way through a Shari Lapena book suspecting everyone but the true culprit. Kudos to her for always bamboozling me. Sheila and Fred Merten are murdered after a tumultuous Easter dinner with their adult kids. There are so many suspects. Their adult children who just happen to lie to the police about their alibis. Fred’s sister who was supposed to receive half of his estate when he changed his will. The spouses and significant other’s who were witness to the spectacle of the dysfunctional family. And various others sprinkled into the mix.

I finished this audiobook in just over a day, using every chance I could to listen. I really enjoyed listening to Ellen Archer narrate the book. She took an intriguing story and made it better.

It isn’t often that a thriller gets me thinking, but if you are to believe the characters of the book, they each believe someone else has committed the gruesome murder and partially lie to cover for that person. It had me wondering to what extent would you protect someone you loved? Would it matter the degree of the crime? Who would you protect that you suspected of murder?

I think all domestic thriller lovers will enjoy this book. Come back and let me know what you think.

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