No One But Me, a review by Cat

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No One But Me
Autumn Bluestone

Published May 25, 2021
25 Pages

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No One But Me is a darker short story that dives into a dystopian world full of complexities. It follows twelve-year-old Tessa. She’s spent her whole life in the Civic, knowing that one day her home would assign her death day. The day is coming sooner than expected.

Wow. No One But Me is not afraid to get dark; I can tell you that much. Then again, I knew that going in (the description made it pretty clear). I enjoyed the vibes of this one. If you enjoyed series like The Hunger Games and other dystopian worlds, then I think you’ll enjoy the concept of this short story.

I was surprised/interested to learn that No One But Me is a prequel to The Day We Die. It’s a relief to know because I wasn’t ready to say goodbye to Tessa’s story. Now I don’t have to, as there’s a whole novel waiting for me.

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