No Guts No Girl, a review by Vivian

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No Guts, No Girl
Tessa Kavanagh

Romantic Comedy
255 pages
Published May 31st 2020 by Portunagh Publishing

This is a romantic comedy with clever laugh out loud moments. For me, it lived up to its humorous label.

The author draws us into the life of Linus, a quiet, insecure guy who attends weekly Phobic Anonymous meetings. Linus would rather immerse himself in books at the library where he works, than to force himself into social situations. That is, until a beautiful girl walks into his life and sweeps him off his feet. Of course, she doesn’t know he exists, and he needs to change that.

He stages a mugging of his dream girl so he can save her, but things don’t go as planned.

Linus, with his many phobias, finds himself in situations that go from bad to worse, but at the center of every situation is a hefty dose of humor.

I found myself loving Linus when I wasn’t feeling sorry for him. Maybe there’s a bit of Linus in all of us.

To keep humor rolling  through an entire book is a grand task, so I never minded that the last bit of the book lacked the same amount of humor in the first half; the story itself kept me intrigued to the end. I’ve tagged this as a very enjoyable read, and with a sequel on the horizon, I’ll be in line.


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