New Girl in the Little Cove, a review by Di

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Damhnait Monaghan

Grayson House
May 11, 2021
336 pages

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This book turned out to be a gem in disguise. I’d been on a little binge of reading books set in Newfoundland when I ran across this one. A lot of the books are quite heavy with serious themes. This was is fun, light hearted and entertaining.

The story centres around Rachel, who moves to outport Newfoundland to teach French to reluctant students. We watch her adapt to a completely new way of life, new foods, new language (even though it is English!) and new friends. There are a few bumps along the way, some people are not very welcoming to a COME FROM AWAY…..a person not from Newfoundland.

The author did an excellent job showing the true spirit of Newfoundlanders. They shine in their own light: welcoming, sharing, and helpful. But, of course, there is the odd curmudgeon. Rachel went to Newfoundland to be a French teacher. But she learned a lot too, about herself and her surroundings. The language and the speech patterns were right on.

Though the book started in a bit of a fluffy style, it soon gained substance. It was a cozy and engaging read!

3.5 rounded up to 4 stars!

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