Never Say You Can’t Survive, a review by Cat

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Never Say You Can’t Survive: How to Get Through Hard Times by Making Up Stories
Charlie Jane Anders

Published August 17, 2020
240 Pages

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I feel like Never Say You Can’t Survive is the novella that many fans and writers alike have been waiting for. Written by Charlie Jane Anders, this novella talks about well, surviving difficult times through writing.

We all need coping mechanisms in our lives. Some people bake cookies (guilty), some people work out, and others write. Writers can turn their anxiety and stress into fantastic worlds that will then become an escape for their readers. It’s a delightful cycle, come to think of it.

I love Charlie Jane Anders’s worlds: All the Birds in the Sky, The City in the Middle of the Night, etc. Seeing how directly they tied into events and emotions in her life was actually quite fascinating and inspiring.

What I loved the most about Never Say You Can’t Survive is that it really makes you think. More than that, it makes it seem like anyone can turn to writing as a way to cope, and that is a beautiful thing right there. Thank you, Charlie Jane Andres. Both for this book and everything else that you do.

Thanks to for making this book available for review. All opinions expressed are my own.

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