Never Lie, a review by Kristin

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Never Lie
Freida McFadden

September 19, 2022
Hollywood Upstairs Press
286 pages

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“I believe that any human being is capable of terrible things if you push them hard enough.”

Newlyweds Ethan and Tricia were house hunting, looking for the perfect house to live their lives and grow their family. One evening, during a snowstorm, the drove to a remote manor where Dr. Adrienne Hale once lived. Dr. Hale vanished without a trace four years earlier. Tricia is initially creeped out by the house; she felt uneasy the moment she walked in there. Ethan didn’t seem as uneasy. While looking to for something to keep herself occupied, Tricia reaches for a book to read, and instead of coming off the shelf, opens to a hidden room where Dr. Hale kept tapes of all her sessions with her clients. Tricia decides to listen to the tapes, and she learns about what happened leading up to Dr. Hale’s disappearance. And then Tricia listens to one particular tape, the one that reveals the truth.

WOW! I love Freida McFadden books, but I think this one easily slid into my second favorite from her! Told from both the present perspective through Tricia, and the past through Dr. Hale, Never Lie keeps you guessing as to what was happening. I REALLY thought I figured it out, about 28% into the book. I was just waiting to prove myself right by continuing to read. Boy, was I wrong! I didn’t see that twist coming from a mile away! Then, I was really shocked when there was another twist! This really is one of the best Freida McFadden books. This book is perfect for any McFadden fan, or any fan of psychological thrillers. 5 giant stars!


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  1. Brooke

    I’m 30% through and so convinced I know what’s happening; just like when I read The inmate by her. I can’t wait to see what the twist is!

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