My Son is a Murderer, a review by Kristin

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My Son Is A Murderer
Spencer Guerrero

July 12, 2023
Spencer Guerrero
235 pages

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This book surprised me! A teenage boy is missing and is found dead. The town police department start their investigation into the suspect. They take one boy in for questioning, and then they soon take Ethan in for questioning. Henry is dead, but Ethan is his best friend. Sonya, Ethan’s mother, believes Ethan when he says that he didn’t kill Henry. Felix, Ethan’s father, doesn’t believe him. But there are so many lies and secrets that surround this case and Sonya is determined to find out who the murderer is so that she can clear her son’s name.

This book is perfect for thriller and mystery readers. There is so much mystery surrounding Henry’s death. I really enjoyed that the author did something different with this book. I just read one where the author tried so hard to point the reader in one direction to do a bait and switch. But Guerrero gave us many suspects, and each of them were very viable to be the murderer.

There are two major twists in the story. One I figured out early on. The other, I didn’t see coming from a mile away! I was completely shocked! It “thrilled” me that I didn’t see it coming. That’s perfect for thriller books and so many of them lately are so predictable.

Guerrero wrote these characters very well. I didn’t question anything about them, I didn’t wonder about them. I pictured both Ethan and his brother as typical school aged boys. I feel like I have come across these boys in the past in life. Their parents as well, especially their father, Felix.

I also really liked that it touched on some heavy subjects and handled them with care. From cheating to sexual abuse, Guerrero had these characters react like anyone else. It was very honest, even if it was a subject that some don’t like to read about.


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