My Sister’s Grave, a review by Allyson

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My Sister’s Grave
Robert Dungoni

416 pages

Published November 1st 2014 by Thomas & Mercer

My Sister’s Grave seems like a book that I would love with promises of   mystery and thrilling secrets however this book just fell flat to me. When   first picking up this book I expected to read it quickly, though I would be   drawn into the riddle. Unfortunately, that just wasn’t the case though this     novel wasn’t all bad of course.

After her sister’s murder, Tracey Crosswhite becomes obsessed with finding her sister’s murderer. The two sisters were extremely close. Tracey never forgave herself for Sarah’s murder. Tracey even went as far as leaving her job as a chemistry teacher to become a homicide detective. A convicted rapist Edmund House was charged and convicted of Sarah’s murder but Tracey doesn’t believe he was the responsible party. Once Sarah’s remains are found twenty years later, Tracey sets out on a mission to discover the real killer and solve the case once and for all.

While I did find the story to be entertaining, I expected it to be more thrilling. I would consider this book more of a legal mystery than a thriller. Also, the writing was only average in my opinion. The characters were very one dimensional, I wasn’t made to really care or feel anything for them. The worst part of the book was the ending, it was a huge let down. The events were unrealistic in the time frame provided. I would consider reading more books from Robert Dungoni but will not be reading any more of this series.



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