My Husband’s House, a review by Kristin

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My Husband’s House
By: Sheryl Browne

Publication Date: June 5, 2023
Published By: Bookouture
393 Pages

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A new home. A loving wife. A secret that could kill…

With its peeling wallpaper and overgrown garden I know our new home isn’t perfect. But my husband Ben promises it’s the fresh start we need. I remind myself that he’s an amazing father to our two children, and that we have years of happy marriage behind us. He’s been distant for months but I’m desperate to believe the move will bring us back together.

When I meet our next-door neighbour Sara, I’m immediately relieved. She’s so welcoming and full of local gossip. But the moment she meets Ben I’m sure an angry frown flickers across her smiling face. Later he says I’m imagining things…

Why is my husband lying?

Then one night as I tuck our children into bed, the silence is broken by a knock on the front door. A stranger is standing on our doorstep. I turn to look at Ben’s face as he stares at her with unconcealed fury. Has he met this woman before? Nothing could prepare me for what she says: I know who you are. Get out of my house.

How well do I know the man I married? And by moving to this house, did I put my children’s lives in danger?

Wow! What a ride! This is an intense, gripping, thrilling read. I love psychological thrillers, and this book pulled out all the stops! The writing is fast paced – I flew through the book. It is so entertaining that you won’t want to put it down. I enjoyed Naomi, the FMC. She was likeable and you could just tell how much she loved her children and her family. Browne does a great job at making everyone suspicious but not revealing anything too early. The twists in this book were true surprises. This book is a must read for anyone that is a fan of the genre. Browne has made me a true fan with her work! This is available now, so really, do yourself a favor, and go get this book!


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