My Daughter’s Boyfriend, a review by Sherry

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My Daughter’s Boyfriend
Daniel Hurst

6 hours and 34 minutes
249 pages
Bookouture Audio
published June 3, 2023

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The author’s books are quickly becoming a favorite of mine to pull me out of a slump or to just cleanse my reading palette.  They are always short, fast paced and twisty.  What if your daughter came to you and told you she met the love of her life on the internet, and he lived thousands of miles away in another country?  And that she wanted to go see him?  Yeah, I am pretty sure that would be thoughts too.  I don’t have to watch Dateline to know this is probably going to end badly. And I’ll also add in this one, I figured out what was going on pretty early on, but I was still entertained.  Unlikable characters doing stupid things.  I’m in as long as I want to know a little more.  There weren’t a lot of characters, so not a lot of red herring suspects, but even though I worked things out, I did doubt my choices a time or two.

And while I quite often switch between reading and listening, this one I only listened.  Harrie Dobby and Tamsin Kennard nailed the narration by bringing the story to life and keeping my attention.  The narration will make or break a story for me and this one was spot on.  I was annoyed when life got in the way and I had to hit pause.

The author’s books are good whether listening or reading and this one was no exception.  If you are looking for a popcorn thriller, this is a great choice.

About the book

My daughter thought she had found the man of her dreams. But now her life is in danger…

When Ellie tells me she has a new boyfriend, I am absolutely thrilled and can’t wait to meet him. She finally seems so happy and in love.

But there’s a catch. Ellie has never met him in person. In fact, he doesn’t even live in the same country. Our home is in England, but Daryl is in Los Angeles.

When handsome Daryl invites Ellie to stay with him at his luxury Los Angeles mansion for a few weeks, I insist on joining her. I need to find out more about the man who has my daughter so enamoured.

Daryl welcomes us into his whitewashed house, complete with a stunning swimming pool and sun-drenched patio. Then one morning, I discover a terrible secret in his basement that changes everything. He has been lying to us from the start.

I go to confront him, but Ellie and Daryl are nowhere to be found. I call Ellie’s phone but there’s no answer.

Has something happened to my precious girl? And will I be able to save her?


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