Murder Under A Bridal Moon, a review by Kristin

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Murder Under a Bridal Moon
By: Abigail Keam

Publication Date: November 14, 2022
Published By: Worker Bee Press
Approx 220 pages

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Mona Moon is set to wed Robert Farley, Duke of Brynelleth and has been planning this event. Unexpectedly, one of Mona’s maids is murdered, and no one can figure out why or who did it! Mona sets her sights on figuring it out before she is to wed Robert. After asking around, Mona feels that there is no one that she can trust.

While this is part of a series, this can also be read as a standalone. Although, I will admit there were some references made that left me wondering if they were to one of the previous nine books in the series. Murder Under A Bridal Moon is the epitome of a cozy murder mystery. It is the perfect read to cuddle up with a blanket and enjoy both the romantic and mystery aspects of the book without it getting too grotesque, too scary, or too suspenseful. I do wish there was a little less filler prose, and more about Mona’s actual questioning. When it got to the reveal, I said to myself, β€œI didn’t even know Mona spoke with that person!” I just wanted to be more along for the ride with Mona. However, it’s an easy read. Anyone who enjoys cozy mysteries will enjoy this book!


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