Murder in the Scottish Hills, a review by Kristin

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Murder in the Scottish Hills
By: Lydia Travers

Publication Date: May 26, 2023
Published By: Bookouture
323 Pages

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Edinburgh, 1911: When Maud McIntyre receives a letter from a maid called Rose, sharing her suspicions that something strange is happening in the house where she works, she and her assistant Daisy immediately travel to the Highlands to investigate.

But as they are changing trains, the body of a man falls from the carriage right in front of them, a bullet in his head. Maud and Daisy can’t believe it – they’ve waited ages for a new case, and now one has literally landed in front of them! And when the local police rule the death as a tragic accident, the pair have no choice but to investigate what they believe is a murder…

Arriving in the Scottish village, Maud and Daisy go undercover to begin their hunt for the murderer, while also investigating the strange behaviour of Rose’s employer, a local art dealer. As they begin to piece together the chain of events, Maud and Daisy wonder whether the cases might be linked. Is it possible the man on the train was killed to cover up something in the village? And, if so, who would do such a thing?

When a local artist is found murdered, Maud and Daisy become convinced the two cases are connected. Searching for the link between the deaths, will Maud and Daisy solve the case before another mysterious murder takes place?

This is the second book in this series, and I’m loving the series! It’s the perfect cozy murder mystery. There is no gore or graphic scenes. It is simply two women private investigators doing their job. I love that this takes place in 1911 and the author gives us to really strong female characters. Both of these women are smart, interesting, and methodical in their lives and in their investigations. Another thing that I love about the book is that there’s more than one mystery so the storyline never goes stale. I haven’t been to different places in Scotland, but I can visualize them with the way that Travers writes them. I would love to see this turn into a Netflix series. I think this would be perfect on screen. If you like cozy mysteries, you really need to pick up this series.


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