Mrs. Claus and the Santaland Slayings: A Funny & Festive Christmas Cozy Mystery (A Mrs. Claus Mystery) By: Liz Ireland

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304 Pages


Published: September 29th, 2020


About the book

This Christmas season, travel to the North Pole you’ve never seen before—where Santa’s new wife, April Claus, is not only set on creating the perfect holiday—she’s also set on solving the perfect crime…

Love is full of surprises—though few compare to realizing that you’re marrying the real-life Santa. April Claus dearly loves her new husband, Nick, but adjusting to life in the North Pole is not all sugarplums and candy canes. Especially when a cantankerous elf named Giblet Hollyberry is killed—felled by a black widow spider in his stocking—shortly after publicly arguing with Nick.

Christmastown is hardly a hotbed of crime, aside from mishaps caused by too much eggnog, but April disagrees with Constable Crinkle’s verdict of accidental death. As April sets out to find the culprit, it’ll mean putting the future of Christmas on the line—and hoping her own name isn’t on a lethal naughty list . . .


My Review

This is book one of the “Mrs. Clause and the Santaland slayings” out of 4. This was an enjoyable read and a very light read. April was not expecting to become the new Mrs. Claus let alone leaving her small town life for the North Pole.

April is the main character in the series, but she isn’t my favorite. There are times when her “investigative” skills just become reckless and they put everyone else in danger. Although, I can say she is strong willed and determined. Many people, including her in-laws believe she does not fit the North Pole life style but she is determined to prove them wrong because she loves her husband. I think that is why she was so determined to figure out who the murderer was.

The author did a great job keeping my attention with her writing style, the only time when I put the book down was because I needed to, not because I wanted to. She kept me guessing until the end, there were times when I thought I knew who had done it, but I ended up being wrong. I also enjoy the romance, it did not feel forced and it did not take over the whole plot. I will definitely continue the series to see what other shenanigans Mrs. Claus finds herself in.


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