Mother May I, a review by Sherry

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Mother May I
Joshilyn Jackson

Harper Audio
12 hours 52 minutes
William Morrow
336 pages
Published April 6, 2021

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I really wanted to like this book.  It’s billed as a thriller and there are thriller moments in the first two thirds of the book, but also a lot of the book takes place in the characters heads: recounting the past and calculating their next moves.

The book starts off quickly with a child being stolen.  The kidnapper doesn’t want money but for Bree, the mother, to do something.  What would you be willing to do to save your child?  The race is off working on meeting demands and trying to figure out who and why kidnapped her son. 

The things I liked most about the book were the twists and turns.  I also enjoyed the pace for the first third of the book.

The things I wish were different was how much the pace slowed down as the book progressed.  I’m also not sure why you’d throw a lecture on social issues almost 3/4s of the way through the book.  It seemed like that came out of left field and at times seemed like a lecture instead of part of the plot.  

I’m not sure if I’d have different opinions if I read versus listened to the book.  I was surprised to see it was the author narrating the audiobook. I think she did a fabulous job on the main narration, but was slightly annoyed with the voice she used for the supporting characters. 

I am sure this book will be a hit with many, I just prefer my thrillers to be a little bit more fast paced and thrilling.

I’d like to thank Harper Audio and NetGalley for my advanced copy.


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