Missing Clarissa, a review by Kristin

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Missing Clarissa
By: Ripley Jones

Publication Date: March 7, 2023
Published By: Wednesday Books
256 pages

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Clarissa Campbell disappeared from a party in the woods in 1999. A body was never found. Police questioned her friends, teachers, and anyone else that knew her. Her disappearance gained national attention, and still there was no suspect, and she is never found. 20 years later, high school juniors Blair and Cameron decide that for a school assignment, they are going to make a podcast about Clarissa’s disappearance. They want to be able to find out what happened to her, so they start interviewing her friends and family. During their investigation, they uncover well hidden secrets, including a sordid past Clarissa had with an art teacher. But who is guilty of her murder?

When I heard about this book, I really wanted to read it. I’m so grateful to have been provided an ARC. Missing Clarissa is a fast paced, easy to read mystery/thriller that will keep you guessing. This is a great book for any fan of true crime podcasts. I did figure out the killer pretty early on (I made a list of suspects while reading), but that was not because the author inadvertently revealed it, but because of my love of true crime. I appreciated that the entire book is told in the “now” and that we find out about Clarissa and her past through the interviews. Cam and Blair are opposites, and it really makes this book perfect. Cam is impulsive, eccentric, impatient, and Blair is reserved, pensive, and analyzes consequences. These two are a great duo together, and it’s easy to see why they are friends. Moreover, this is more than just a YA mystery. It’s also about Cam and Blair discovering who they are. Cam reveals that she is gay and begins to get comfortable in a world where people know. Blair starts to realize her potential as a writer, and the fact that it’s not just some silly dream.


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