Midnight at the Blackbird Cafe, a review by Tanya

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Midnight at the Blackbird Café
Heather Webber

336 pages
Published July 2019 by Forge Books

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I love stories about small towns with quirky characters. I also love stories with magic or paranormal elements. Put them both together and you’d think I would love this story!

I sort of did. I wanted to. I really wanted to. But there were several plot holes that brought this story from a 5 to a 3 star rating.

The magical blackbirds were such a cute storyline. They come out at midnight each night to sing and bring messages from loved ones beyond the grave. But why did they only become popular to people outside of the town when Anna Kate came into the story? And the special ingredient in the pies that makes people dream of their loved ones is such a major part of the story, but the secret hasn’t gotten out until Anna Kate arrives on the scene. It doesn’t really make sense.

The characters were cute and quirky. I loved most of them, except Natalie’s mom. She really cast a shadow on the story for me. A grieving mother that ruins her relationship with her daughter, because of her grief for her son, and doesn’t want to eat a piece of blackbird pie to receive dream messages from her son? Of course she would want to, and that felt like a huge plot hole. The rest of the characters were so much fun and I really enjoyed getting to know the town folk.

I think there could be a great series here and hope there are more books to come. If I just skim the surface over some of the plot holes and don’t take them too seriously, then I really enjoyed this book. But my brain comes back to focus on them too much which is aggravating and so I’m rating this story as a 3.

But do check it out if you want a sweet, small town story with a little bit of magic in it!

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