Meet Me in Bombay, a review by Sherry

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Meet Me in Bombay
Jenny Ashcroft

Historical Romance
352 pages

Published by St. Martin’s Press
January 19, 2021

“Life can go from being one thing to another thing entirely – with no hint, no warning sense of the change afoot.” This quote is on the very first page and caught my eye. How true it is. I don’t often read historical fiction, but the exotic local caught my attention and I wasn’t disappointed. In the beginning of the book, Bombay was like another character in the book.

The underlying theme of the book is what is love. There are multi generations of family, romantic relationships, friends and acquaintances, but who shows what is love? There are many acts throughout the book that leave the reader questioning if that is love or selfishness. Set during the lead up to World War I, Maddy and Luke first see each other at a New Year’s Eve party, but don’t actually meet for weeks. He shows her the everyday Bombay as they fall in love. They are then torn apart by the war. And as each are living apart, you’re left to wonder if they’ll reunite.

The book is story driven and my favorite character isn’t one of the main characters, but a supporting character, Luke’s best friend Peter. As the book progressed, I kept hoping for a reason for Peter to appear.

It is beautifully written with drama and emotion. Honestly I would have given it five stars except that the author set the story halfway around the world and none of the main characters are Indian. None. With that being my only negative, it is a good romance.


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