Medicine Game, a review by Jenn

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Medicine Game

Delby Powless

249 Pages
Powless Publishing
October 20, 2020

Amazon | Goodreads


The people of the Sparrow Lake believe that the game of lacrosse was a gift given to them by the Creator. It was meant to be played with a good mind and strong heart.

But can they play this game with their lives in such turmoil? Tommy is a young child who from the start has a difficult life, facing many challenges. Delby Powless does not shy away from any topic in this raw account of Tommy’s life.

Medicine game starts with 6 year old Tommy and takes you on the journey of his childhood, adolescents and into adulthood where Tommy has the challenge of facing with his past and choosing a different future for himself, or risking repeating the same mistakes he has seen time and time again, and becoming what he’s always feared.

Along the journey Tommy has relationships with many people of different walks of life, all leaving an impression on him. Some of these encounters help him while some pull him down, in the end Tommy has to take responsibility for himself and his choices, which is often easier said than done. IΒ found it really interesting how effortlessly the author takes us from childhood to adulthood, the fast pace really kept me intrigued.

Medicine Game is not for the faint of heart but if you’re looking for an emotional read that will captivate you, and you enjoyed books such as Wenjack and From the Ashes I would definitely recommend this one.

Trigger Warnings: Domestic Violence, Sexual Abuse, Abuse, Drug & Alcohol Abuse, suicidal thoughts/actions, death due to OD, Death due to car accident, Car Accident, Hit and run


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