May Picks for BOTM (Book of the Month) Cat and Allyson

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May Picks for BOTM

Every month BOTM makes five choices available to subscribers, plus a plethora of add-ons to choose from. Here are the picks made by reviewers Cat and Allyson.

May’s BOTM choices are:

-Things We Lost to the Water (Thriller)
-How Lucky (Contemporary Fiction)
-The Last Thing He Told Me (Thriller)
-Impostor Syndrome (Contemporary Fiction)
-Ariadne (Fantasy)

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Cat’s Picks:

I think May is the first time in a while where I picked three books from the monthly drop (as opposed to also picking from the new add-ons). They all looked so good this month! I might even go back and grab one I missed out on next month.

The Last Thing He Told Me – The Last Thing He Told Me is the thriller choice for this month, which more or less gets it into the ‘auto-grab’ category as far as I’m concerned! BOTM is one of my major sources for new thrillers, and I love them for it. This one involves a missing husband, a stepmother, and a mystery to solve. – Check back on May 20th for Cat’s review!

Impostor Syndrome – The cover for Impostor Syndrome caught my attention, as did the title if I’m being honest. Who hasn’t felt like an impostor at some point in their life? What sold me was the promise of: nonlinear timeline, snarky, and full of tech. Yes, please! – Check back on May 28th for Cat’s review!

Ariadne – Fantasy novels are also on my ‘must grab’ list when it comes to BOTM choices. I just can’t get enough of them in my life! It helps that Ariadne is a novel that I’ve been looking forward to! It revisits the tale of the Princess of Crete. I do want to mention that this novel does come with a BOTM warning (suicide, suicide ideation, death of children). I appreciate that they included that warning. – Check back on May 27th for Cat’s review!

Allyson’s Picks:

The Last Thing He Told Me – I choose The Last Thing He Told Me for my book of the month pick for may! This book looks so good and I love the cover! I have really been loving all the mystery/thriller books from BOTM so I decided to go ahead and give this a try!

The Guest List – As an add-on, I choose The Guest List by Lucy Foley. I have been wanting to read this for a while now but keep putting it off for other books. Luckily my in-person book club picked this book as our May read so I will finally be able to see what all the hype is about.





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