March’s OwlCrate, a reveal and review by Cat

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OwlCrate – A Box of Bookish Goodies

OwlCrate is one of many book boxes currently available for all the bibliophiles of the world. OwlCrate’s focus is on Young Adult, and each monthly box includes a new young adult book and several bookish goodies. Included in the goodies will always be a pin.

Best of all (for those collectors out there) each month has a special theme for the entire box.

March’s theme for OwlCrate was Of Witches And Wonder.

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*In case it wasn’t obvious, don’t look too closely at the rest of this post, if you’re hoping to avoid spoilers!

Book – March’s OwlCrate novel is a debut novel that many fantasy fans have been looking forward to: Sweet & Bitter Magic, written by Adrienne Tooley. This is one of those times where I’m thrilled that I sought out spoilers ahead of time – as I might have otherwise preordered Sweet & Bitter Magic. Not that I would have complained about having two copies… This month’s customization includes a color alteration on the dust jacket, silver foil, and purple sprayed edges! Be still my heart. -Check back on April 28th for Cat’s review!

Bookish Goodies – As with every OwlCrate box, there is a lovely thematic pin to match the book. I adore the pin, primarily because of the colors on it. Actually, if I’m being totally honest, I think I loved this entire box. Every item felt like a hit in my mind.

Perfume – This month included a roll-on perfume created by Fiction Bath Company. According to the description, this perfume was inspired by The Year of the Witching (which is on my TBR list) and smells like the forbidden Darkwood.

Sketchbook – The sketchbook is the item they were hinting at with last month’s spoiler card. It features artwork by Talia Skyles and is absolutely adorable. I almost don’t want to write (or draw) in it because I feel like I’ll just end up ruining it.

Bookmark Holder – I have never seen anything quite like this! It’s a fabric bookmark holder, and man, is this something I needed in my life. I have far too many bookmarks (is that a thing?). In fact, I have so many that there’s no chance they’ll all fit in this cute holder. At least I can put my favorites in it! Oh, I almost forgot to mention! It’s styled after A Discovery of Witches, so it is very appropriate for this month’s theme.

Ceramic Tea Bag Rest – This cute little tea bag rest may just be one of my favorite items from this month’s box. Then again, I drink a lot of tea, so that’s probably pretty obvious. It’s inspired by Practical Magic (one of my favorites) and has a really delicate look to it.

Tumbler Mug – The tumbler mug in this month’s box kicks off another 2021 collection for OwlCrate (the first one being the collectible book tins). This is the first in a set of seasonal drinkware, and it’s pretty cute. I like the tumbler design, as well as those colors!

Next up is April’s theme: Ruthless Rivals! The spoiler card indicates that every box will have a bag of coffee from Fable Grounds Coffee. I can’t wait to see what the next spoiler will reveal!

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