Malibu Rising, a review by Cat

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Malibu Rising
Taylor Jenkins Reid

Published June 1, 2021
By Ballantine Books
369 Pages

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Okay, so to preface my review, I’m going to state that Malibu Rising is not normally a book I would pick up and dive into. I tend to be overly picky about my historical fiction reads. However, Malibu Rising was one of the top contenders for BOTM’s book of the year award, and that caught my attention. When given a chance to nab a copy (through BOTM) for free, I didn’t hesitate.
Who hasn’t dreamed of the fantastical parties that must occur around the rich and famous? Well, one party is about to get out of hand. The year is 1983, and one of Malibu’s premier events is on the horizon: Nina Riva’s annual end-of-summer party.

Wow. There is SO much going on within Malibu Rising! I can see why fans ended up loving it so much. We’re talking about layer upon layer of subplot and character-driven elements. All of which come together for an explosive finale. Sorry, last time I make a pun like that, I promise.
If you love historical fiction, suspense, or family drama, the odds are good that you’re going to find something to appreciate here. It doesn’t hurt that a lot is going on here. But I should probably take a step back for a moment.

Overall I’d say that Malibu Rising was a fun and exciting read. While it was not my favorite, I can certainly see why so many loved it. More than that, I can see why it almost won.

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