Magic Claims, a review by Cat

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Magic Claims
Ilona Andrews

Published June 13, 2023
240 Pages

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I can’t believe this is happening. When Magic Triumphs came out, I thought we were saying a long goodbye to the Kate Daniels world. But now we’ve been given not one but two new additions to her series! And counting! And that’s not even counting Aurelia Ryder’s (Julie) series.

Once again, I find myself falling in love. Each time I immerse myself in this captivating world, I am reminded why the Kate Daniels series holds an unwavering place in my heart. It’s one of my favorite urban fantasy series. Full stop.

This book reintroduces numerous elements and plot intricacies from the main series, skillfully weaving them together in ways that surpass my wildest expectations. The seamless and natural manner in which this transition occurs blew me away.

The enemies (and particular threats they presented) proved utterly fascinating. Likewise, the secondary characters were a sheer delight, and the world continued to expand its wondrous scope. No matter how you look at it, this book left me stunned and hoping that it is far from the end of this new series.

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