Love Like This, a review by Sherry

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Love Like This
Bethany Monaco Smith

385 pages
published October 21, 2022

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Finally the final installment in Rae and Aaron’s love story.  It has been an emotional ride.  Bethany knows how to write a beautiful story.  There is a ton of emotion and a satisfying ending.  The journey may have been bumpy but it was great to see the two of them mature and learn to communicate.  So many high and low moments culminate in their HEA as we learn a little more about the secondary characters before they step into the limelight.  

So many romances are what I call the Cinderella story, or the chase and none of the dealing with life.  These four books do a great job of getting beyond the moment of I like you too.  It’s a great series.

About the book:


We had feelings for each other and denied it. We fell for each other and we messed it up.

We’ve grown and changed, but through it all—even the hardest moments—we never gave up on each other. We never gave up on us.

Now I know we never will.

After everything, we have our chance to get it right.

I have no doubt it will be hard. It’ll push our limits and test our love. We both have plenty more learning and growing to do.

But this time, we’re in it together, and no matter what, we’re going to keep building our life together, stronger every day.

This is just the beginning, and I love knowing that wherever the road leads us, his hand will be wrapped around mine for the entire journey.

Because it’s always been us, and it always will be.

Follow Rae and Aaron as they embark on the journey to their happily ever after filled with plenty more twists and turns, emotional & swoony moments, and so much love.

This is the fourth book in a continuous series, please make sure you start with book one, Friends Like This. This series features teens/college students in realistic and complicated situations.

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