Love Deleted, a review by Kristin

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Love Deleted
By: Paul Indigo

Publication Date: May 31, 2023
Published By: Random World Media
575 Pages

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This is an impossible love story…

Cooper came home unexpectedly early that day. The day her world collapsed. The day she heard things she shouldn’t have. Saw things she shouldn’t have.

Now Cooper is running away. Driving recklessly. Blindly. A broken heart spiralling out of control after witnessing an earth-shattering scene.

Then Cooper discovers the website. Speaks to the doctors. Can they help her? Can they give her the treatment she desperately wants? Yes they can. They can do something mind-blowing.

They can surgically erase her love for her husband Jethro.

Only what appears to be the perfect solution sets off a devastating chain of events not only for Jethro and herself. But one also involving their teenage son Daniel in ways she can’t imagine.

A life-shattering moment. A rash decision. An easy solution. This isn’t just a love story. Not when a heart isn’t just broken, it is irreversibly silenced.

This is an impossible love story.

The concept of this book is absolutely amazing. I’ve had my heart broken many times in my life and if I could have erased those feelings for those people, I would have! Who wants to spend their days crying over someone who left them? Who cheated on them? The best part is that you don’t forget and you can still learn from the experience. Indigo created well thought out characters. The reader really gets to know them. The transcript of the podcast was a nice touch as well. I do happen to think that the book was a little too long. I felt it could have been more concise and that it dragged on at times. It was definitely a slow burn. I did enjoy the end! It was very sweet.


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