Love at First Spite by Anna E. Collins

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Love at First Spite
Anna E. Collins


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Have you ever been engaged and found out that your fiancé is cheating on you with your realtor and now you want to get revenge? Have you ever decided that the best way to get revenge is to buy the little piece of property next to his and build a “spite house” and turn it into an air bnb with all his least favorite things just to be petty and annoy him every day? No? Well, that’s exactly what happens to our main character Dani.  

Dani and Sam have been together for 3 years and are about to get married when she finds out Sam has been cheating with none other than her realtor. She decides to leave him and become the strong independent woman that she’s left behind the last 3 years but this news has left her feeling a little petty and she wants revenge. Not only did Sam cheat on her, he left her off the house HER HOUSE and didn’t buy the piece of land that was supposed to be her studio. It’s time he shows her what it’s like to be on her side of things. In order to get things moving she’s forced to team up with Wyatt Montego, an architect from work, and let’s just say Wyatt isn’t exactly known for his friendly reputation. Dani’s desperate and running out of options so she does what she has to in order to make spite house come together.  

I have to say I LOVED everything about this book. I know it’s early on but this is definitely going to be a favorite read of the year for me I can already tell. It has absolutely everything I look for in a romance. A little cutesy/cheesiness, not a whole lot of smut/spice but still has some and good character chemistry what more can you ask for? I could not put this book down and it definitely was a stay up until 1:30 am to finish it because I just didn’t want to wait until the next day. Dani’s personality was my absolute favorite because I’ve been in her shoes, we love a revenge queen (depending on the situation but this one is justified). Her antics are hilarious and her relationships with her friends and family (Mia) are adorable. Wyatt is your typical romance guy; you love and hate him throughout the book. He’s hot and he’s cold. You understand where he’s coming from but you want to punch him. He’s a jerk at work but he treats Dani completely different. It’s definitely an office/coworker trope but also not at the same time. Either way RUN to go get your copy because it’s super cute and funny and I loved it.  

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